Foundation Program Spotlights

Sporty’s has been in the aviation community for 60 years and we have always made a priority of supporting the aviation industry. Throughout the years, we have seen ups and downs, but we are committed to the project of helping young people pursue their aviation dreams. While 2020 was a tough year for those working toward or working in the aviation industry, Sporty’s maintained our level of support for The Sporty’s Foundation. We want to plant the seeds now so they bloom when times are good and career opportunities are bright.

The following scholarships were funded by The Sporty’s Foundation.

  • Women in Aviation Scholarship $5,000 .
    • Scholarship for a small aircraft mechanic to learn to fly
  • FlyGirl/Women in Aviation Scholarship $2000
  • University of Cincinnati CFI Scholarships $6,000
  • University of Cincinnati Aviation Scholarships $20,000
    • In support of university students pursuing a career as a professional pilot
  • Boy Scouts of America, Friends of Scouting Campaign $5,000
  • Richard L Collins Writing Prize for Young Pilots $2,500
  • Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance Tool Scholarship $1,000
  • Patient Airlift Services $1,000
    • Free general aviation air transportation for individuals requiring medical services
  • Commemorative Air Force $1,000
    • Find and preserve World War II-era combat aircraft for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.
  • Aviation Exploring Scholarships $60,000
    • Scholarships for Aviation Explorers, members of Aviation clubs for teenagers
  • Recreational Aviation Foundation $10,000
    • Barn build at Ryan Field Montana
  • Experimental Aircraft Association Foundation $25,000
  • AOPA Foundation – You Can Fly Challenge – $10,000
    • A suite of AOPA programs to make flying more accessible and affordable
  • Aircraft Electronics Association Scholarship $5,000
    • To support an AEA member technician in Learning to Fly
  • Flight Crew Scholarships $5,000 Flight training scholarships
  • Naval Aviation Museum Foundation $2,500
    • Funds to help the museum preserve the history and heritage of Naval aviation