2017 Foundation Program Spotlights

Throughout 2017, The Sporty’s Foundation funded programs to both attract and encourage young people to pursue aviation as a career or as a lifestyle.

$80,000 EAA Young Eagles

To fund EAA’s Youth Program Manager; to administer and support Young Eagles’ Next Step. This disbursement is cash donated and does not include the value of Learn to Fly Pilot Training Courses made available to each and every Young Eagle.

$9,000 CFI Scholarships

Three scholarship awards of $3000 for Commercial Pilots to become Certified Flight Instructors. Clayton Lulay, Randy Queen, and Erik Trogdon.

$7,500 Women in Aviation International (WAI) Scholarships

Scholarships for two WAI members to pursue a recreational pilot’s certificate, including one specifically awarded to an A&P. Joran Bankhead (Logan, UT), and Gerald Murahwi (South Africa).

$18,000 Dan Beard Council of Boy Scouts of America

In support of the local Boy Scout council’s activities.

$50,000 Dan Beard Council, Leadership Center

In support of the Leadership Center at Camp Michael. Leadership center will include a chapel, amphitheater, shower house, campsites, activities shelters and more.

$20,000 University of Cincinnati

Scholarships for students enrolled in the University of Cincinnati Professional Pilot Training Program. The program culminates with an Associate of Applied Science degree and Commercial Pilot Certification with several baccalaureate degree transfer pathways.  In as little as four tears, graduates will have earned their Commercial certificate, Certified Flight Instructor, Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the prestigious Carl H. Linder College of Business, and be on their way to earning an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Matt Burwinkle, Jayme Frederick, and Kaitlin Willhite.

$40,000 Aviation Exploring Scholarships

Scholarships to fund college, mechanic, avionics technician and flight training for Aviation Explorers. “Didi” Aranki, (Fullerton, CA), Hailee Calhoun (Mesa, AZ), Kenneth Kressin (Orange, CA), Kurtis Moore (Amelia, OH), Langs Selman (Mesa, AZ), Zach Baker (Mesa, AZ), Matthew Trojanowski (Mesa, AZ), Bruce Wayne (Nashville, TN), Matthew Melcher (Colleyville, TX), and Madeline Bowers (Ottawa, KS).

$2,500 Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

$10,000 AOPA Air Safety Insititute (ASI)

In support of ASI’s pursuit to enhance aviation safety.

$10,000 Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA)

In support of providing two scholarships for recreational pilot certificates for employees of AEA member companies. Joshua Pageau (Vero Beach, FL) and Jason Wallace (Salem, OR).

$1,000 Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance

$25,000 Boy Scouts of America Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

$500 Commemorative Air Force Red Tail Squadron

$1,400 International Women’s Air and Space Museum – Wings of Women Conference

$1,000 Admiral Nimitz Foundation – National Museum of the Pacific War

$1,000 Patient Airlift Services (PALS)

In support of PALS Providing free air transportation for needy kids throughout the greater Northeast region.

$5,000 Recreational Aviation Foundation

In support of this foundation’s work to preserve, maintain, and create airstrips for recreational access.

$1,000 U.S. Air Force Museum Foundation

$1,000 Michigan Aerospace Foundation

In support of the foundation’s work to save, preserve, and renovate a portion of the historic WWII Willow Run Bomber Plant as the future home of the Yankee Air Museum.

$1,000 National WASP Museum

In support of the museum’s mission to enhance the legacy of the Women Airforce Service Pilots.


TOTAL DONATIONS FOR 2016  $284,900