2018 Foundation Program Spotlights

Grants and Gifts

Once again, 2018 was a year of financial support for the aviation community by providing funds necessary for programs to continue and for students’ paths to be made a bit easier with a scholarship funded by The Sporty’s Foundation.

The following scholarships were fully and exclusively funded by The Sporty’s Foundation.

  • Fly Girl scholarship ($5,000)
  • Aviation Exploring ($60,000)
    • Eight Aviation Exploring scholarships for $5,000 each
    • One Aviation Exploring scholarship for $20,000
  • Women in Aviation International ($2,500)
  • Commercial to CFI Scholarship
    • Six individual $3000 scholarships for a Commercial Pilot to earn a CFI certificate ($18,000)
  • Association for Women in Aviation ($1,041.15)
  • University of Cincinnati Aviation Scholarships ($20,000)
    • Scholarships for the aviation program
  • Aircraft Electronics Association ($10,000)
    • Two scholarships for $5,000 each for a recreational pilot certificate

Boy Scouts of America and Aviation Exploring were the recipients of grants in addition to scholarships.

  • Dan Beard Council
    • Leadership Center Fund ($25,000)
    • Friends of Scouting ($5,000)
  • Experimental Aircraft Association
    • Improvements to Aviation Exploring Base Camp ($20,000)
    • In addition, The Sporty’s Foundation sponsored EAA’s on-site Blue Barn, the headquarters for Young Eagles during EAA’s AirVenture ($25,000)

Preserving aviation history in order to inspire and inform future generations is an important goal for The Sporty’s Foundation for a total of $5,000.  

  • Eisenhower Foundation ($1,000)
  • Michigan Aerospace Foundation to Save the B-24 Plant ($1,000)
  • Admiral Nimitz Foundation for National Museum of the Pacific War ($1,000)
  • Commemorative Air Force Red Tail Squadron Campaign ($1,000)
  • National WASP Museum ($1,000)

Being a good corporate citizen requires supporting organizations that support all pilots.

  • AOPA Air Safety Institute ($25,000)
  • Seaplane Pilots Association new Headquarters Campaign ($5,000)
  • Recreational Aviation Foundation ($1,000)


The Board of Directors of The Sporty’s Foundation requested that the Foundation make a $1,000 donation to the Mayo Legacy.

This is an organization that preserves the ideals of Drs. William J. and Charles H. Mayo,

who donated their life savings to establish Mayo Clinic as a not-for-profit organization to

benefit future generations.


TOTAL FUNDING FOR 2018………………………………………………..$228,541.15