2019 Foundation Program Spotlights

Grants and Gifts

Once again, 2019 was a year of financial support for the aviation community by providing funds necessary for programs to continue and for students’ paths to be made a bit easier with a scholarship funded by The Sporty’s Foundation.

The following scholarships were funded by The Sporty’s Foundation.

  • Aviation Exploring ($60,000)
    • Eight Aviation Exploring scholarships for $5,000 each
    • One Aviation Exploring scholarship for $20,000
  • Women in Aviation Scholarship Fund ($7,500)
  • Women in Corporate Aviation Scholarship ($2,000)
  • University of Cincinnati Aviation Scholarships ($20,000)
    • Scholarships for the aviation program
  • Aircraft Electronics Association ($5,000)
    • One scholarship of $5,000 for a recreational pilot certificate
  • Richard L. Collins Writing Scholarship ($2,500)
  • Eastern Cincinnati Aviation CFI Scholarship ($3,000)
  • Professional Aviation Maintenance Association ($2,500)
    • Scholarship to provide tools for future mechanics

Boy Scouts of America and Aviation Exploring were the recipients of grants in addition to scholarships.

  • Dan Beard Council
    • Leadership Conference Capital Campaign ($34,000)
    • U.S Grant Friends of Scouting Campaign ($5,000)
  • Experimental Aircraft Association
    • Chapter Youth Education Program ($50,000)
    • Improvements to Aviation Exploring Base Camp ($15,000)

Preserving aviation history in order to inspire and inform future generations is an important goal for The Sporty’s Foundation for a total of $5,000.  

  • Yankee Air Museum ($1,000)
  • Commemorative Air Force ($1,000)
  • Commemorative Air Force Red Tail Squadron Campaign ($1,000)

Being a good corporate citizen requires supporting organizations that support all pilots.

  • AOPA Board of Advisors ($10,000)
    • Funding toward AOPA Air Safety Institute


TOTAL FUNDING FOR 2019………………………………………………..$219,500.00