Simplify Your Giving

Pilots and aircraft owners are frequently approached to participate in aviation-based charitable groups and causes. Rather than analyzing each group for its worthiness, individuals may choose instead to make a charitable contribution to The Sporty’s Foundation.

The Board of Directors of The Sporty’s Foundation will vet all organizations prior to any bequest being made. Composed of both pilots and hard-nosed business executives, the Board will make sure that every dollar given is used for a well-enacted program with a track record of success. The Board Members of The Sporty’s Foundation are all passionate about aviation so they bring years of real-life experience to the task of selecting organizations worthy of funding. As a 501(c)(3) Corporation, contributions to The Sporty’s Foundation are tax deductible.

An Alert To Our Donors

To ensure maximum return on donor investments, 100 percent of The Sporty’s Foundation operating costs are underwritten by Sporty’s Pilot Shop. You can be assured that each dollar donated to The Sporty’s Foundation goes directly to a worthy organization rather than being eaten up in administrative expenses.

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Donations to The Sporty’s Foundation can be mailed to:

The Sporty’s Foundation
2001 Sporty’s Drive
Batavia, Ohio 45103

Please make checks payable to: The Sporty’s Foundation