A Hearty Thank You to Our Donors!

We are grateful for the individuals and organizations who have generously donated to The Sporty’s Foundation to help us fund worthwhile efforts to help expand and preserve the aviation community.

Simplify Your Giving

Pilots and aircraft owners are frequently approached to participate in aviation-based charitable groups and causes. Rather than analyzing each group for its worthiness, individuals may choose instead to make a charitable contribution to The Sporty’s Foundation.

The Board of Directors of The Sporty’s Foundation will vet all organizations prior to any bequest being made. Composed of both pilots and hard-nosed business executives, the Board will make sure that every dollar given is used for a well-enacted program with a track record of success. The Board Members of The Sporty’s Foundation are all passionate about aviation so they bring years of real-life experience to the task of selecting organizations worthy of funding. As a 501(c)(3) Corporation, contributions to The Sporty’s Foundation are tax deductible.

An Alert To Our Donors

To ensure maximum return on donor investments, 100 percent of The Sporty’s Foundation operating costs are underwritten by Sporty’s Pilot Shop. You can be assured that each dollar donated to The Sporty’s Foundation goes directly to a worthy organization rather than being eaten up in administrative expenses.

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Donations to The Sporty’s Foundation can be mailed to:

The Sporty’s Foundation
2001 Sporty’s Drive
Batavia, Ohio 45103

Please make checks payable to: The Sporty’s Foundation

What You Should Know about Your Donation to The Sporty’s Foundation

  • All bequests made by The Sporty’s Foundation are personally vetted and approved by Sporty’s Founder and Chairman, Hal Shevers, in concert with the Foundation’s governing board. All people involved are active pilots who understand the crucial need to ensure the continuation of a robust aviation community.
  • Unlike other charities with massive operating budgets and outrageous executive salaries, Sporty’s assumes all administrative costs for The Sporty’s Foundation, which is your guarantee that your donation is put 100 percent toward important aviation-based programs.
  • The accountability of The Sporty’s Foundation is totally transparent. We urge you to check out our IRS Form 990, which is filed annually on behalf of the Foundation and may easily be accessed online.
  • Whenever possible, your charitable dollars are kept within the aviation community as we understand it is important to give back to the activity that means so much to all of us.

Some Facts & Figures on Charitable Giving

  • Total giving to charitable organizations was $410.02 billion in 2017 (2.1% of GDP). This is an increase of 5.2% in current dollars and 3.0% in inflation-adjusted dollars from 2016.
  • Giving has increased in current dollars every year since 1977, with the exception of three years that saw declines: 1987, 2008 and 2009.
  • The majority of charitable giving came from individuals. Specifically, individuals gave $286.65 billion, accounting for 70% of all giving and representing a 3.0% increase over 2016.  
  • Foundations – which includes grants made by independent, community, and operating foundations – gave $66.9 billion (16% of all donations). This represents a 6% increase over the prior year.
  • Giving to education charities was up 6.2% to $58.9 billion (14% of all donations).
  • Foundations saw an increase of 6% to $45.89 billion (11% of all donations).

Source: Giving USA 2018, Annual Report on Philanthropy