Ensuring a Strong General Aviation Community for the Next Generation

The Sporty’s Foundation

The Sporty’s Foundation funds programs that work to educate young people on the excitement and life-enhancing potential of general aviation. To ensure maximum return on donor investments, 100 percent of The Sporty’s Foundation operating costs are underwritten by Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Through its support of programs that attract young people, The Sporty’s Foundation strives to encourage a wide range of aviation career choices such as avionics technician, engineer, mechanic, pilot, etc.

Of course, no effort in aviation is effective without safety as its base, so The Sporty’s Foundation concerns itself as well with programs that educate and inform pilots how to make their flying safer.

The Sporty’s Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

The Sporty’s Foundation has the FUTURE in Mind

AOPA Pilot Sporty's Hal Shevers Pilot Shop Flight Line Aztec AOPA Merchandise Portrait Julie Boatman Mark SchaibleSporty’s Founder and Chairman Hal Shevers has famously said, “Without a freshman class, in just four years there will be no seniors.” Unlike other industry executives, who demonstrate their short-sightedness by only wanting customers today, Shevers and his crew at Sporty’s are willing to create their own new customers by attracting and retaining new pilots, engineers, and technicians for the next generation of general aviation.


The Next generation needs a support team

We talk about the general aviation community, and that’s what it is – not just pilots and aircraft owners, but all the skilled technicians that support them. With glass cockpits, composite technology, and new powerplants, maintenance and support are all the more necessary.

It’s all about the young people

The Sporty’s Foundation strives to reach young people at the earliest possible age. Since its inception EAA’s Next Step has been the primary recipient of Foundation funds. This program ensures that every EAA Young Eagle has a place to go next after the initial spark from their Young Eagle ride.


If you are interested in funding an Aviation Exploring scholarship or creating a named scholarship in memory of a loved one, please contact me directly at Hal@sportys.com or 513.735.9100 ext 209.